Cold Starters

Salmon and cod fish carpaccio Marinated with citrus vinaigrette17,00€
Veal carpaccio With arugula and Parmesan cheese 18,00€
Norwegian Salmon tartar With guacamole21,00€
Bluefin Red Tuna tartar With guacamole and wasabi mayonnaise23,00€
Steak tartareHand-cut beef fillet with house dressing24,00€

Hot Starters

Mussels in casserole in Xaloc’s special seafood sauce14,50€
Seafood soup Chef's specialty13,50€
Roman-style Fried Squid Andalusian style (national product)14,50€
Andalusian-style Fried squid National product18,50€
Andalusian-style Fried small squid Moroccan origin17,50€
Grilled razor-shell19,00€
Prawns with garlic sauce 22,00€
Galician octopus26,00€
Clams with their sauce26,00€
Red shrimpsGrilled, 8 units42,00€
Gratin sea urchinsPrice per unit5,50€